If you are not familiar, an UL 508A certification is an industrial control panel directive sought by electrical inspectors. The UL 508A Listing mark on an industrial control panel provides evidence of third party certification to the purchaser, and the municipal inspection authority of the panel. In other words, an UL certified listing mark on a control panel means it complies with the industry’s acceptable safety standard! The UL mark is very important to businesses and buyers in the industry for automation and control systems. A2Z Control System first became UL certified back in 1988, and received our first UL specific order that same year! Control panels can be completed in two ways: 1) an enclosure – enclosed type equipment 2) arranged onto a mounting panel – open type equipment With enclosure panels, the enclosures are provided by a third part, and we then internally assemble and install as requested. When we arrange onto a mounting panel, the installation takes place on-site. All UL certified outdoor enclosures or cabinets manufactured at A2Z Control System are classified as enclosed type, and comply with the applicable requirements for outdoor panels noted in the UL 508A standard. Either way, UL certification is incredibly important and notable. We use on the best quality materials, products, and people to build our systems. Our extensive experience in the industry and with UL specific orders is why we are the perfect panel provider for you! We are a proud UL certified control panel shop, let us build your UL certified control panel today!

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